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Kamco CF90
“A Very Powerful Machine”

Trained & Certified Power Flushing Engineers Emergency Plumber 24/7 engineers are able to Power Flush heating systems with the least amount of effort and deconstruction.

We will circulate your heating by flushing chemicals rapidly and subsequently removing soiled water from within your system.

This leaves you with a flow of fresh and recycled clean water.

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Emergency Plumber 24/7 have highly trained engineers who have been trained to flush radiator systems without having to disconnect the heating whatsoever. Professional practices such as this ensure minimal disruption to your current heating system and premises.

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Detailed Information

By using the latest tech (e.g. Kamco Clear Flow CF09 and Quantum Power Flush Pump) to analyze problems and efficiency, we take great pride in our expertise and service. Our equipment is capable of achieving maximum pressure standards beyond 1.8 Bar whilst keeping within national safety standards.



Protect Your Boiler

MagnaClean “Protecting Boilers” Today’s boilers are the best they’ve ever been and their general efficiency makes them incredibly good at heating properties. However, their miniature water cells are vulnerable to corrosion, rust and debris. Even an A-Rated boiler can fall foul if fitted to an un-flushed and/or dirty circulation system.
It’s quite surprising that with all this technology around, the days of fitting a system and forgetting about it while it runs on seamlessly for years are over.




Well… if technology’s not stepping up to the mark, Emergency Plumber 24/7 are ready to step into the void. We would like you to remember us for all the

right reasons:
• Expert Advice
• Engineers That Protect your Boiler Investment
• Reliable Recommendations
• Professional Services
• Value for Money
• Fast and Effective Results
• Readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We hope that these reasons are enough to make you consider getting a MagnaClean and/or a unit of your preference fitted to your boiler.

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Emergency plumber 24-7
Emergency plumber 24-7