How to replace a washing machine

How to replace a washing

Important information:

Please read manufacture installation guide always, as there could be bolts at the back of the drum, which will need to be taken out from the beginning of the installation. This is to stop the drum moving when transporting.

1. Turned off cold water mains as a back up, as not all valves will shut close due to its age. Close/turn off washing machine valve at the (blue tap as shown in picture)
2. Slowly remove blue pipe. Some water may still be present however use a container to collect small bits of water.
3. Now slowly remove waste pipe, which is usually connected under the sink to a trap, (grey colour pipe) HOLD its surroundings when pulling carefully, to ensure you don’t disturb any other joints.
4. Slowly pull washing machine out of its area remembering there’s a 240v plug behind it. Turn off and safely remove plug.
5. To install the washing you would simply put back what you have disconnected leaving the washing machine valve closed for now.
6. Once you have put the water mains back on, you then go back to the washing machine valve and slowly open it checking weather there’s any leaks.
7. Make sure your grey waste pipe is nicely secured on back on the trap
8. Final checks, washing machine valve ok? Waste pipe ok? Power on? ✅

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